Rock Climbing and Mountaineering in Ireland

Climbing, Hiking and Mountaineering in Ireland

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Rock Climbing, Mountain Skills Navigation, Instructor Training, Club Training in Dublin, Wicklow and Ireland. The goal is simple, to enable you to create your own adventures on rock or in the mountains while increasing your confidence and having fun. Join HikeandClimb and experience Ireland from a different viewpoint.

Explore, Challenge, Discover.

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About HikeandClimb

Ambrose Flynn is a rock climber, mountain runner, mountaineer and is happiest when outdoors enveloped in nature with good company.

Certified as a Mountain and Climbing Instructor, Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor you can be guaranteed safety and fun in some of the most beautiful locations in Ireland.

Rock Climbing

The East of Ireland has a wealth of Rock Climbing from over 300 routes in Dalkey Quarry to the amazing multipitch mountain granite of Glendalough Valley and the adventurous Great Gully Ridge.

Further north are the rolling granite Mourne Mountains and the towering dolerite cliffs of Fairhead. The East of Ireland contains a lifetime of climbing and adventure on rock.

 HikeandClimb offers a wide array of climbing courses to suit the complete beginner to the experienced.

Outdoor Climbing in Dublin

Mountain Courses

Mountain Courses are designed to increase confidence, enable and move all our clients towards independence in a mountainous environment using navigational skills.

The Wicklow and Dublin Mountain are an ideal venue to learn new skills and create new adventures, during daylight and at night

Join us for Mountain Skills Navigation, Mountaineering Ireland courses and Mountain Skills Assessment.

Mountain Navigation

Instructor Training

Instructor Training courses and assessments are designed for those supervising, leading or working with groups or individuals in Ireland or the UK.

HikeandClimb offers Mountain, Rock Climbing and Indoor Climbing Instruction in Ireland to clubs, groups and individuals.

All instructional training and assessments are Mountaineering Ireland certified and carried out by a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.

Wicklow Rock Climbing Instructor

Scrambling and Mountaineering Skills

Scrambling and Mountaineering Skills are one day courses tailored specifically to you, considering your current skillset and your goals.

The one day Scrambling course involves moving over a variety of mountain terrain roped up using traditional rock climbing protection and natural anchors.

The Expedition Preparation day focuses on your specific trip, using a jumar on a series of fixed lines, moving roped-up, abseiling and moving on steep technical ground. The goal is to cover the core skills and increase confidence.

Mountaineering Skills

Indoor Climbing

Indoor Climbing is one of the fastest growing activities in Ireland, due to how accessible and how much fun it is.

Indoor Climbing comprises of two different disciplines, roped climbing and bouldering. Both disciplines are accessible for beginners in a fun and relaxed environment.

HikeandClimb offers bespoke indoor training and coaching.