Adventure from Dublin City

2019 promises to be another superb year of adventure in Ireland as more people than ever are looking for a new challenge or adventure that they can embrace. An activity that builds confidence, enables personal growth, reveals something new about the individual and brings them to new places. A challenge that is above all fun and potentially introduces one to a new group of like minded people.

Never has there been a better time in Ireland than now to find this challenge, embrace it and grow into it. And this is especially true if you are based in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Mountains

Indoor Climbing

If looking for a new exciting and challenging experience in look no further than Indoor Climbing. The activity of indoor climbing has exploded worldwide with the activity now a sport in the upcoming Olympics. Dublin City is fortunate to have the best selection of indoor climbing venues in Ireland. With a broad selection of bouldering (non-ropes) specific venues or a mixture of both roped climbing and bouldering gyms anyone looking for an new beginner friendly experience is in luck.

Dublin Climbing
Indoor Climbing Dublin

Indoor Climbing is beginner friendly with a focus on fun while challenging you in every perceivable way. You will be challenged physically, psychologically, your problem solving skills are tested and usually you are climbing with like minded people in a relaxed environment.

The basic structure of climbing indoors it that you pick a color of holds that you follow to the top. Each route / boulder problem will also have a grade (scale of difficulty attached) thereby allowing the climber to assess what challenge to undertake.

Indoor climbing is also child friendly with some walls having play areas for toddles and children can climb from 4 – 6 years old (venue dependent).
The staff at the indoor walls are also experienced climbers, will be super friendly, helpful and excited to see you progress.

Oh, and not to mention that indoor climbing is highly addictive.

Rock Climbing

Ireland contains some of the most beautiful and hidden Rock Climbing venues in Europe. They may not have the grandeur of the Alps or the sheer size of Himalayas but they can contain a BIG adventure in stunning locations.
Dublin City is an ideal base for exploring the rock climbing venues of Ireland.

Dalkey Quarry on the outskirts of Dublin has over 300 rock routes and has the best views of Dublin City hands down. Access is excellent via train, bus or by car with the beautiful village of Dalkey just 10 minutes walk from the quarry.

Wicklow contains some of the best rock climbing routes in Ireland, is 1 hour and 30 mins from Dublin City, and the situations are truly beautiful. Glendalough is a major tourist attraction known for it’s history, magnificent trail hikes and beauty but it also contains rock routes of the highest standard with views down the valley towards the upper lake.

Great Gully Ridge is an outstanding alpine-style route hidden high in the Wicklow Mountains providing some of the most committing and exposed climbing in Ireland. This ridge is committing, magnificent and provides a full long day of adventure that is unique in Ireland.

The Mourne Mountains is approx. 1hr 30mins from Dublin City and is home to hundreds of rock routes enveloped within the incredibly beautiful mountain landscape. Each venue is unique and usually has a view that you would visit for it’s own sake. The climbing is delicate, thoughtful and outstanding. The hiking that is required to gain access to most of the rock climbing venues in the Mournes is very special in it’s own right.

Fairhead is a 5km long sea cliff just 3hrs from Dublin City and is the jewel in the crown of rock climbing in Ireland. The situations and views are mind blowing and the rock routes are among the best in Europe. Fairhead is big, impressive, intimidating, and beautiful beyond words can describe.

Rock Climbing Dublin

Rock climbing is one of the most rewarding activities you can try due to the complexities of all the different elements involved. As with Indoor climbing the physical, psychological and problem solving aspects are engaged with. The real joys of rock climbing is the fluidity of moment over rock in a position that one would have thought impossible initially. This is an empowering experience that can lead to improved confidence throughout ones life in all aspects.

And regardless of what image is portrayed through media depicting rock climbing, it is absolutely beginner friendly and available to all with an appetite for a new experience.

Rock Climbing in Ireland
Rock Climbing Ireland

Freedom in the Mountains

Dublin is an ideal base for exploring the wonderful mountain landscapes of Ireland. The mountains of Ireland are not comparable in height nor scale to other European regions but they are absolutely unique containing a wild spirit enveloped within a pallet of colors that change according to the seasons.

As Ireland is at the mercy of weather fronts moving in from the Atlantic Ocean it is probable that a visitor to the Irish Mountains will receive the welcome of 4 seasons in one day. Rather than this being a negative experience it adds so much more to the visit as towering cumulonimbus clouds create a surreal and beautiful addition to the landscape as they cast shadows on the rolling landscape, that are both enchanting and inspiring.

Within 1 hours drive from Dublin City one can be in the heart of the Dublin Mountain with views out over the Irish Sea and the city, this is especially beautiful at dawn and dusk.

1 hour and 30 minutes from Dublin and one can enjoy the spectacular Garden of Ireland, Glendalough. The valley of Glendalough is in itself a major destination for visitors to Ireland and rightly so as it provides breathtaking beauty and a rich well of Irish history. Glendalough and the village of Laragh are also ideally positioned as a gate way to the other less trodden and no less wonderful areas of the Wicklow Mountains.

Travel South for 30 minutes and the Glenmalure Valley is another gem containing several access points to the highest mountain in Leinster, Lugnaquilla. There are many and varied hikes up Lugnaquilla but starting from the Glenmalure car park at the head of the valley is a good option and bring the hiker into a hanging glacial valley. The geology of Wicklow is fascinating and if engaged with will provide a new insight into the wonders of the Wicklow Mountains and their formation.

If one decides to travel northwards from Dublin, The Mourne Mountains will entrance one with rolling granite spires that have a totally different feel and appearance to the Wicklow Mountains. There are excellent hiking trials and the Mournes Wall is never far away.

Slieve Donard is a popular destination for a first time visitor to the Mournes and accessible from Newcastle. However, if one approaches the Mournes from the Carrick Little car park you can walk into the heart of the Mournes and upon your return enjoy a coffee in the spectacularly placed Carrick Cottage Cafe.
The Mournes Mountains are remarkable as one can experience many peaks in the course of a day due to their compact nature.


Ireland has a wealth of beautiful mountain landscapes and adventure that if embraced will live long in the memory. And Dublin City is an ideal location to base oneself to find these hidden gems.

Follow your curiosity and explore a different adventurous path where you will find space and beauty beyond expectation. You will also discover different aspects of yourself that only exposure to real adventure can create.