Adventure Inspired

Adventure Inspired

Adventure Inspired Weekend with Ambrose Flynn and Naomi Sturdy

May 4th and 5th.

Wilderness Lodge, Glenmalure, Co.Wicklow

Do you love the idea of taking on new exciting challenges, or hear the call to adventure?

Naomi and Ambrose have created a unique weekend experience to find adventure, to meet new people, to get out into the wild and to take time to tune in.

In our current era where we can allow ourselves to become very comfortable and under challenged, we know there are a range of physical and mental repercussions. This weekend is specifically curated to allow the participants to fully engage physically, experience demanding real adventure and to hone their mental tools and techniques in fearful or involving situations while having fun.

Naomi and Ambrose are extremely passionate about creating an experience to press re set on your day to day lives, take time away from your screens and to get out of your comfort zones.

You will be in the hands of skilled and trained expertise, to guide you every step of the way.

The event is running over two separate days (4th & 5th) including the following:


-Wilderness Adventure Abseil

-Tyrolean Traverse

-Yoga and Meditation

-Mindset awareness, reflection and discussion practices

A full timetable of the weekend will be emailed following your booking.

Follow your Curiosity and take part in a day that will live long in the memory with Naomi and Ambrose.

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