Climbing Wall Instructor Training and Assessment

Climbing Wall Instructor Training

Climbing Wall Instructor Training – Who is it for?

HikeandClimb Climbing Wall Instructor Training runs over two days at a suitable indoor climbing venue.

The CWI Award is suitable for those that would like to supervise rock climbing at a climbing wall or an artificial climbing structure.

The CWI Award is a Mountaineering Ireland certified award and is recognised in Ireland and the UK

While indoor climbing gyms provide their own in-house training, the Climbing Instructor Award is seen as the gold standard for those that would like to work at an indoor climbing gym.

CWI Training

Requirements for attending the Climbing Wall Instructor Training

There are prerequires before one can attend the CWI Training.

One must be a member of Mountaineering Ireland

Be 17 years or older.
Have a minimum of 6 months climbing experience
Have lead 10 indoor lead routes (F4 grade or above)
Have climbed at 3 different walls

Before attending the training you are expected to provide proof of the above. This can
be done using Mountaineering Ireland’s ‘D-Log’ or on an Excel sheet or equivalent.

You must also register with Mountaineering Ireland on the Climbing Wall Instructor scheme.

CWI Training

The CWI Training runs over two days with at a suitable outdoor climbing gym or artificial structure.

During the two days we will cover communication skills, technical skills, coaching skills, problem avoidance, problem solving and risk assessment.

We will also cover the practical aspects of running a climbing session for various group, including kids camps, beginner adults and more experienced adults. During these scenarios we will explore the most suitable equipment to use, the appropriate skills we will cover and the possibility of coaching movement skills.

The maximum number of candidates on the CWI Training is six people.

Consolidation – After the Training

When the training is completed you are expected to consolidate your learning and build upon your skill set.

You are advised to take a minimum of at least six month before you attend the assessment,,

It is important to not rush the consolidation period as to be really good at anything takes time.

During your consolidation period you are expected to log a minimum of 30 visits to at least three different climbing walls
Have led a minimum of 40 climbs on indoor walls.

Have assisted in the supervision of at least 15 instructed sessions on at least two different
At least five of these sessions must have personal reflective comments recorded on
Have attended a Remote Emergency Care 2 Course.

The Climbing Wall Instructor Assessment runs over one day at an indoor climbing venue

The Climbing Wall Instructor Training costs €200 per person.

The Climbing Walls Assessment costs €150 per person.

Group Discounts available upon request.

This excludes the registration fee paid directly to Mountain Training Board Ireland

The Climbing Wall Instructor Training is available in Dublin, Wicklow or I will travel to a suitable venue for group bookings.

Happy Climbing.