Climbing, Hiking and Mountaineering Club Training

Club Climbing Courses in Ireland

Club Training

HikeandClimb offers a range or rock climbing, mountaineering and navigation training, or upskilling, courses for Universities,  Mountaineering Clubs and Hiking Groups.

The Training can be a formal Mountaineering Ireland personal proficiency course, a certified instructional award or a bespoke course that is tailored specifically for the individual club.

Over the years HikeandClimb has provided a wide array of skills courses that are always bespoke.

The goal is simple, to provide club training officers and club members with the latest best practice skills whereby each club can evolve their knowledge base and safety standards.

Mountaineering Ireland Training Grants

HikeandClimb has also provided training for clubs via the Mountaineering Ireland Club Grant scheme.

Mountaineering Ireland provide grants for those that are working towards Mountain Training personal proficiency and leadership courses, including Mountain Skills Scheme, Mountain Leader Award, Climbing Wall Instructor Qualification and Rock Climbing Instructor Qualification.

Mountaineering Ireland also provide support for clubs that wish to upskill their members or to improve their mentoring skill sets.

To apply for an M.I. Training grant the club needs to be a recognised Mountaineering Ireland Club with over ten members.

University Club Rock Climbing

Overview and Standards

HikeandClimb has also worked with clubs that wish for an outside expert to review the best practice within a club.

The request for an independent review may be related to club meets, club training/mentoring, best practice at climbing walls and route setting.

If you would like to explore upskilling, availing of the Mountaineering Ireland club grants or request an independent overview please send an email as below.

When emailing please provide as much information as possible as to what you would like to achieve and I will come back to you asap.

Happy Hiking, Climbing and Mountaineering.