Adventure in Ireland

All journeys start with a spark of curiosity and the outcome is entirely dependent upon how committed one is to following such a curiosity.


And so it was one bitterly cold evening on Beenkeragh Mountain, many moons ago in white-out conditions completely lost, that a curiosity was born and has subsequently influenced my life beyond measure. It has taken me to places and situations then unimaginable with the very best of people.

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It has revealed Ireland as a blank canvas the may be painted with broad brushstrokes of adventure situated in the most stunning and outrageous locations. The canvas upon which one paints is as small or large as one’s imagination, and framed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

Rock Climbing Ireland

The edges of the canvas are formed from towering intimidating dolerite sea cliffs of Fairhead, beautifully sculpted granite sea cliffs of Donegal and steep spectacular limestone sea cliffs of the Burren. Each location containing a lifetime of adventure, self-learning and possibility.

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The interior of the canvas is forged from the rugged sandstone peaks of Kerry, the rolling granite hills of Wicklow and the Mournes, the abrasive beautiful granite peaks of Donegal and the metamorphic dreamscape of Connemara. All stunning and changeable due to the weather courtesy of the Atlantic, from minute to minute a landscape can change in colour, tone, mood and complexity.


The broad brushstrokes of adventure I have committed to apply on this beautiful Irish canvas are formed from rock climbing adventures on some of the world’s best sea cliffs, inland crags, mountain crags and urban venues. They are formed from honing mountain skills in the Irish hills in all types of weather during day and night, sometimes in the most stunning setting and occasionally in the most demanding. But mostly each brushstroke applied has informed me about the limitless possibility of creating adventure in Ireland.


That possibility is available to everyone and each of us can create our own personal adventure, it just takes belief in one’s imagination and commitment to follow it. I feel fortunate and privileged to perhaps play a small part in enabling people to create an experience that is truly unique. For all those who I have been fortunate to meet along my own journey and for all those who I will meet over the coming years, I look forward to seeing you in the hills and on rock.