Indoor Climbing to Rock Climbing

Transition from Indoor Climbing to Rock Climbing

Climbing indoors is such a joy! It can be solitary or social, climbing routes or boulders, having coffee, enjoying the feeling of problem solving and unique movements. Some feel climbing is akin to dancing.

Personally I climb indoors twice per week and have being doing so for many years. While I am certainly not precious about climbing, it does feel like a form of meditation and a process of mindfulness.

But what about climbing outside on rock. How feasible is it for an indoor climber with no experience on rock, to transition to outdoor climbing? And why would one want to try rock climbing?

Let’s start with the last question first, why? Climbing on rock is incredible and quite often the climbing venues are in places of great natural beauty. I personally started climbing in Dalkey Quarry, Dublin and have since climbed all over the World. Some of the climbing venues are more amazing than words can express, abroad and in Ireland.

How feasible is it to transition from gym climbing to rock climbing? If you climb indoors you have already learned some of the core skills, techniques and psychological fortitude. You are in a prime position to explore climbing on rock

. And don’t worry if think you are not strong enough, climbing indoors is way more physical than most outdoor climbing.

Requirements for attending the Indoor Climbing to Rock Climbing Course?

You are a nice person, up for some good laughs and good company. That’s it!

If you have your own climbing shoes that’s great. But if you don’t it doesn’t matter as I will provide all the climbing kit, including shoes if required.

The venues chosen are usually easily accessible and short approaches. The routes chosen are bespoke to you. We always start off with fun, easy routes and then you will dictate how hard or easy the routes are.

The day usually starts at 10am and ends between 4-5pm, or whenever you run out of steam. Don’t worry if the day seems long, it’s not. When changing routes there is a bit of time required to set up rope systems therefore you will have lots of time to chill and have chats.

What if it’s wet or cold? That’s easy, we are on the same page. If it’s cold and wet I’d personally be indoors climbing and drinking coffee. All deposit for bookings are 100% refundable and if the weather craps out, we usually choose another date.

How safe is climbing outdoors?

As with any outdoor adventure activity there is inherent risk and objective danger. But working together with clear communication we can minimize and understand risks. We can never eliminate the risk but we can reduce it.

Why trust me, HikeandClimb? Check out the about page here.

Follow your Curiosity.

If you have read this far, you have one foot in the door (climbing shoe). Take the next step and join me for a memorable experience.

The Indoor Climbing to Rock Climbing courses run from March – November.

Cost: €90 to €350 depending on numbers and location.

Generally the price is €90 p/person, the course can be small and bespoke or a max group of 6.

Larger groups can be catered for with advance notice.

Venue: Dalkey and the Wicklow Mountains.

No previous experience required and all equipment provided – fun and laughs guaranteed.