Dublin Climbing

Indoor Climbing

Indoor Climbing is one of the fastest growing activities in Ireland and worldwide with climbing now part of the Olympics. Indoor Climbing quickly captures the imagination of the first time climber as it wonderfully combines a physical activity with problem solving and a deep psychological aspect. It is also highly addictive.

Dublin City has several world class indoor climbing venues that cover all aspects of climbing in a fun and friendly environment. It is also an ideal venue for socialising or a place to find a new, vibrant and welcoming community.

Indoor Climbing Ireland

Indoor Lead Climbing Beginners Course is designed to introduce the bottom rope climber and boulder to the joys and challenges of lead climbing. The course takes place in Awesome Walls Dublin and covers lead belaying skills, belay device choice, clipping, technical understanding, rope choice, resting on a route, feeling comfortable falling and holding a fall, how to progress on slabs, vertical and overhanging routes

This course runs for 4hrs due to the bespoke nature of the course and the depth of material covered.

Price depending on numbers.

Location: Awesome Walls Dublin

Maximum of 4 people

Indoor Lead Climbing Progression is designed to meet the indoor lead climber at their current level/skill set/psychological skill set and identify goals to move the lead climber to new heights. This course is applicable to those leading from 5b to 7a. The course covers advanced belaying techniques, climbing partnership roles and their importance, movement, clipping techniques, fear of falling, resting techniques and identifying areas of improvement. This course runs for 4hrs due to the bespoke nature of the course and the depth of material covered.

Price depending on time required and goals.

Location: Awesome Walls Dublin or any other wall in Ireland

Maximum of 4 people

Advanced belaying Workshops for groups and clubs is a two or three hour session coaching belayers in the finer aspects of belaying. This intensive two – three hour session covers all safety aspects, what constitutes good/excellent belaying, how to feel confident while belaying and the psychological good practices of a good belayer. Depending on the skill and knowledge of the participants the workshop will cover bottom rope and lead belaying where appropriate. The workshop will have clear goals and outcomes. 

Price depends on groups size and location

Location: Awesome Walls Dublin but will travel to other venues.

Maximum of 4 people per group.