Mountain Skills One Navigation Course

Mountain Navigation

We all have different reasons for being drawn towards the mountains and we all have different ways of expressing ourselves in this beautiful and sometimes challenging environment. We are looking for a sense of freedom framed by scale and grandeur that often times does not exist in our modern life. A space where we can reconnect with nature and breathe deeply.

Wicklow Mountains

The only restriction placed upon us is our need to stick to the well trodden paths, apprehensiveness when we encounter poor visibility, adverse weather conditions and our own imagination.

However, there is a key that opens the door to places and experiences we can barely imagine in Ireland’s Mountains.
Mountaineering Ireland’s ‘Mountain Skills‘ self proficiency navigation course is that key.

Mountain Navigation

Mountain Skills One is a fun two day course that introduces you to map reading, compass use, navigational techniques and most importantly it will increase your confidence. With this new level of confidence you can venture off the trodden path and create your own adventures.

Mountain Skills Ireland

Map reading is at the heart of all confident mountain navigation, combining an understanding of contour interpretation, scale and features. These are the three key fundamentals that if understood will lead you to a solid foundation, whereby the rest of the navigational tools can be added to and developed further.

Mountain Skills One

Day One

We will start our day by looking at the two maps we will be using during the course. Our maps of choice for the course is Ordinance Survey Ireland Discovery Series map and the East West map.

We will focus on understanding the features on the map, how reliable they are, the scale of the map and how we can use this information to build the foundations of a navigational skill set.

As we develop an understanding of what we are seeing on the map and how it relates to the real world around us, we will then pick a trail leading into the forest, where our adventure begins.

Wicklow Forest

During day one we will start on forest tails and introduce the fundamentals of map reading, understanding distance and how to develop a hierarchy of features we can trust while navigating. We will move from the forest onto the open mountain landscape and start to develop an understanding of contours.

We will break our hike into small navigational legs, where you will work as teams of two and lead us on each small journey. Before starting your navigational leg you will have received all the skills you need to feel comfortable and confident. Each journey will be fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

Wicklow Mountains

Day Two

On day two we will once again start on forest trails and make our way into the mountains for a realistic day hike. We will continue to break down the journey into small navigational legs and continue to develop the skill set as learned the previous day.

As we venture onto the open mountain terrain we will use our compass and map to understand how to take a bearing. I will then select a specific place on the mountain for you to find using the compass. You will visualise the journey, measure the distance to the feature and using your bearing walk to our chosen target.

Navigation Course Wicklow

The goal by the end of day two is that everyone is comfortably navigating over open mountainous terrain with confidence, while employing a host of navigational techniques.

It is my experience some may feel apprehensive about learning new skills in front of a group of strangers. But I can assure you that the atmosphere is relaxed, fun and there is always lots of laugher during the two days.

The maximum number of participants on the course is six therefore you can expect to have lots of individual time to cover any questions you may have.

My guarantee to you is that this new found confidence will open doors to places that are beyond imagination and with a little practice real freedom in the mountains is achievable.

Mountain Skills Ireland

Mountain Skills One

The course runs over two full days in Wicklow primarily but I will travel to others areas if a group requests.

This is an official Mountain Ireland course and costs €150 p/person.

Upon contacting or clicking on the book now button below you will receive an email and PDF outlining the course details and booking information.

I look forward to seeing you on the beautiful Irish Mountains