Mountaineering Skills

Mountaineering and Scrambling Skills

HikeandClimb runs a bespoke range of scrambling and mountaineering skills courses for those looking to learn new skills, upskill or prepare for a trip.

Scrambling on terrain that requires occasional or constant use of a rope requires a broad skillset using traditional climbing protection and natural anchors. A bespoke scrambling day can be experiential where you put your big boots and nerves to the test, moving over boulders, ridges and occasionally small crags.

Bespoke Scrambling courses are tailored specifically to your needs and can include an Intro to Scrambling or Scrambling Upskilling. The day is spent focusing on lots of movement over scrambling terrain, learning how to use a rope, traditional climbing equipment and natural anchors to stay safe while having fun.

HikeandClimb also offers bespoke preparation for high altitude trips that require jugging using an ascender, abseiling using a fig of 8 and moving using a rope. Occasionally an individual or group going on a high altitude organised trip, Island Peak for example, will avail of my services to boost confidence and dial down key mountaineering skills.

Scrambling Glendalough

Scrambling Skills

Scrambling Skills is a one day course that is fluid, bespoke and tailored towards your needs.

During the day you can expect to move over lots of complex terrain, boulders, and occasionally small crags. The level of difficulty will be chosen to suit your level of experience, fitness and goals.

You can expect to learn how to tie in using a harness and rope, carry coils where applicable, understand how to belay, how to make yourself safe when reaching a belay, how to place and remove traditional climbing equipment, how to use natural features and how to abseil.

Cost €240 – €300 depending on location and numbers

Duration 6 – 8 hours depending on goals

Location Wicklow Mountains

Beginner Friendly with all equipment provided (except stiff soled boots – essential)

Jumaring and Abseiling

Expedition Technical Day

HikeandClimb offers a one day Technical Expedition preparation course suitable for those that are planning a guided trip at altitude, but would like more practice.

Most reliable and experienced expedition tour operators, Earth’s Edge for example, will provide a detailed plan and training for a particular adventure at altitude. While the training is thorough and delivered by experts, occasionally individuals/groups like to have a refresh before venturing out on their chosen objective.

During a bespoke expedition technical day you can expect to tie-in using a rope and harness, move across scrambling terrain using a rope, ascend multiple fixed lines using a jumar and abseil using a fig of 8 device.

The core concept of this day is that you leave fully confident with the skills covered, that they are applicable to your trip and that your confidence is boosted.

Cost €240 – €300 depending on location and numbers

Duration 6 – 7 hours

Location Wicklow Mountains

Beginner Friendly with all equipment provided (except stiff soled boots – essential)

Scrambling Ropework

Equipment Required

Most attending a Scrambling day or an Expedition Prep day will have come from a hillwalking background.

In Ireland that means good boots, waterproof clothing, lots of layers, beanie hat, buff, headtorch, gloves and a healthy disregard for comfort.

The clothing and general equipment required is exactly the same as a general day on the hills, taking into consideration the time of year and the corresponding possible conditions.

The exception is a good pair of stiff soled mountain boots.

Scrambling over steep and complex terrain is not safe nor ideal with boots that are flexible. For safety, comfort and mobility it is essential to use stiff soled boots with good ankle support. This enable the technique of edging while on steep terrain and also aids moving across small outcrops of rock.

HikeandClimb will provide the harness, helmet, ropes, climbing equipment and all additional technical materials.