What Rock Climbing Activity is Right for You?

One of the most popular questions I receive is what course do you recommend for me.

The answer to this depends on what exactly you would like to experience or achieve during a course/experience/instruction.

It also depends on your current skill set and how this aligns with what you want to achieve/experience.

Finally, some enjoy a bespoke experience/course where they have specific goals and want something tailored for their specific needs.

While others enjoy the linear learning experience provided by the official Mountaineering Ireland ‘Rock Skills Courses.’

Please check out our rock climbing course choice road map below as this may help you decide what is the best course/experience for you.

What is the best rock climbing venue for my needs?

Again this totally depends on your experience, requirements and how adventurous you want to be.

For those looking for a half day climbing experience with no technical learning the ideal is that the venue is easily accessible and user friendly.

If the objective is to experience rock climbing while learning technical aspects (belaying, setting up anchors, using traditional protection..etc) a venue that is a little more adventurous may be selected.

If you want to learn to lead climbing, improve multipitch techniques or rescue techniques then an appropriate venue will be chosen to enable this learning – this may vary from an accessible venue to one that requires a hike across mountain terrain.

The majority of the venues that HikeandClimb uses are based in Wicklow and Dublin. We do travel to The Mourne Mountains and Fairhead when appropriate to your requirements.

Weather and Rock Climbing Conditions?

The Rock Climbing season in Ireland generally runs from early April to September. There are days either side of these months that are amazing, but they are the exception.

Ideally we are looking for dry rock and temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to 20 degrees.

This of course is not always possible and each climbing venue will dry at a different rate. Some venues will dry in an hour while others take several days.

HikeandClimb will always endeavour to find the best location for your needs. Rock Climbing courses/experience/instruction is only ever postponed/cancelled as a last resort.

Rock Climbing is an amazing activity that can take you to places and situations you can barely imagine.

Rock Climbing will also take you to places of incredible beauty and away from the crowds.

If you would like to try Rock Climbing at any level please pop me an email or message my on Facebook / Instagram and I will come back to you as soon as possible.