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RCI Training Dublin

Rock Climbing Instructor Training – Who is it for?

The Rock Climbing Instructor Award is a Mountain Training Board Ireland certification for those that would like to supervise rock climbing and abseiling at a single pitch venue.

The award is ideal for those that are interested gaining more confidence while running a beginner climbing session, adults that would like to supervise children or volunteers that work with clubs.

It is important to note that those attending the RCI Training and the assessment should have a genuine interest and passion for climbing. The award will take all candidates time and effort to achieve therefore a personal desire to climb is essential.

Wicklow Rock Climbing Instructor

Requirements for attending the Rock Climbing Instructor Training

In order to attend the RCI Training you will need to be eighteen years or older, be a member of Mountaineering Ireland, have a personal desire and interest in climbing and have experience climbing both indoors and outdoors.

You also have to show that you have lead at least fifteen traditional routes, the same number of lead climbs indoors and at least five sports routes in Ireland or abroad.

You must also register with Mountaineering Ireland on the Rock Climbing Instructor Award scheme.

Training Outdoors

The RCI Training runs over three days with two days at a suitable outdoor climbing venue and a day indoors at a climbing gym.

At the outdoor venue we will cover safety in all out rope systems, the technical equipment, building anchors, creating abseils and your personal rock climbing.

We will also view the practical aspect of running a rock climbing session at an outdoor venue including, time keeping, people skills, planning, demonstrating the technical skills required to climb safely and how to manage your own personal safety.

The maximum number of candidates on the RCI Training is four to enable lots of one on one contact time.

RCI Training Dublin

Training Indoors

Day three is spent at an indoor climbing gym.

During the indoor training we will delve into warming up, safety at the specific wall and identifying hazards, organizing the indoor session, and the technical aspects.

Among the technical aspect we will look at all the equipment used for an indoor session, the pros and cons of each piece and how we can choose which is best for our chosen session.

We will also cover movement skills, coaching skills and people skills.

Consolidation – After the Training

When the training is completed you are expected to consolidate your learning and build upon your skill set.

You are advised to take a minimum of at least six month before you attend the assessment, but for most it will take a year or more. It is important to not rush the consolidation period as to be really good at anything takes time.

Between the training and assessment you must climbing at least forty traditional routes with a minimum of the severe grade, thirty indoor lead routes French 5a or above, ten sports routes outdoors at French 5a or above.

You are also required to assist a climbing session for a minimum of twenty times, ideally with active participation. These session must be signed off by the person that you are assisting.

Dublin Climbing Instructor Training

The Rock Climbing Instructor Training costs €250 per person.

This excludes the registration fee paid directly to Mountain Training Board Ireland

The Rock Climbing Instructor Training is available in Dublin, Wicklow or I will travel to a suitable venue for group bookings.

Happy Climbing.